Holy Shit... I'm writing something / by Ricardo Marquez

Welp, it's happening. I'm actually writing something on this f-in site I've been sitting on and who the hell knows will read this. Since it's New Years Day, what other cliche thing to do than reflect back on the past. 

2015. What.A.Year. This is where I would write "OH MY GAWD THE STRUGGLES I'VE BEEN THROUGH THIS YEAR AND 2016 NEW YEAR NEW ME" kind of shit. The year was kind of a blur. A pretty amazing, fun, exciting and risky blur...but a blur none the less. Watched baseball. Moved out. Ate pizza. Didn't get fired. Casted in a TV pilot. Watched more baseball. Made new friends. Learned some new shit. Watched even more baseball. Discovered Antelope Canyon. Consumed baseball. Solo weekend trips. Pizza. Pizza. Pizza

Were there some downs? Yea. Huge personal issues arose from the previous year but that's life. A lot of positives out-weigh the bullshit and you just gotta move forward. After all, it's a new year so new opportunities to move on to. 

Now it's 2016. Some of us are nursing hangovers. Others are continuing the party from last night. Then there's the rest of us that are planning what the hell is going to happen this year. I'm pretty excited about what's to come. I'm at the time of my life where people who are about to turn 30 start to freak out about life. OH MY GAWD AM I GONNA DIE ALONE?! WHY DON'T I OWN A HOUSE?! I SHOULD HAVE A KID/FAMILY BY NOW! I NEED TO START SAVING FOR RETIREMENT!!!! You know, adult stuff.

I turn 30 in a month. I should be nervous but I'm not. I'm single. I have a great job. Have a roof over my head. Have a great unit of family/friends in my life. Life is pretty good right which is why I'm extremely excited for the new year. 

Lot of new things I'm working on that I can't wait to share with you all but until the time comes, enjoy nursing those hangovers. Happy New Year and be ready to take advantage of 2016.