I Don't Know What The Fuck I'm Doing / by Ricardo Marquez

So here I am. My like, 40th attempt at creating a website and trying to look a lot cooler than what I really am. Unless you consider a 29 year old still living at home cool then in that case, I'm Frank Fuckin' Sinatra. Anyways, there's a lot going on on this page and I'm gonna try to explain all of it without you falling asleep at boring cliches like "My Personal Brand" and "One Stop Shop For My Creative Outlet". 

First and foremost, this will be my "home" for everything going on in my life. I consider myself a jack of (some) all trades and master of none. I write. I photograph. I eat. I watch a lot of baseball. Then I eat some more. This site will essentially host everything in one place. I could have went all out and did a site just for my blog or photography or even my baseball musings but to be honest, I'm incredibly lazy and the amount of work creating one different website for each thing was just ridiculous. I'd have a better chance running a 5k than making 3 different websites dedicated to that. 

If you haven't noticed by now, there are a few different tabs up on the top screen. There's a tab for my personal blog which will host any/all of my idiotic rants, behind the scenes at work and probably me informing you how delicious an overpriced hamburger was. My photography crap is located to the right of that where you can see how I never follow the "Rules of Third" (OMG A PHOTOGRAPHY JOKE LOLOL) but occasionally you might see some photos of pretty things. Then there's my baby project, The Rocks. 

The Rocks will be home to my baseball blog all about the Anaheim Angels. Writing about the Angels has always been a passion of mine (oh my shit what a douche thing to say) and I've always wanted to try this comedic spin to writing about the team. There are a TON of amazing sites out there writing about the team, but no one has really gone the satire/comedy route, so I plan on taking that over. To find out more about The Rocks, just go ahead and click on the link.

So this is it. Ricardo Does Things. I plan on doing A LOT of stuff in the near future and I hope everyone can come along for the sweaty ride it will be. Be sure to comment/tweet/write/tag whatever you want cause I honestly can't do things without you. Yes...even you.