I went to Joshua Tree and died... / by Ricardo Marquez


Last Friday, I went on a little day/night trip to Joshua Tree with Mina and the whole trip was wonderful. After packing the car with our camera gear and solid snack choices, we took the almost 3 hour drive to the desert. I've been to the 29 Palms area before but never to Joshua Tree. Well, at least for me to remember. I'm sure my parents took me but I was probably acting like a little baby back bitch and complained that there were no video games to play or something. I also was a chubby little kid (still am) so I was probably groaning about the amount of walking I had to do. Either way, I went to Joshua Tree.

Josh's Tree or some shit. Canon T2i f/2.3 35mm 1/60sec ISO 200

Josh's Tree or some shit. Canon T2i f/2.3 35mm 1/60sec ISO 200

Once we arrived to the park, the first biggest obstacle was figuring out if we should get a day parking pass or spend the extra $10 and get an Annual Pass. So I'm proud to announce we're annual pass holders to Joshua Tree. It's no Disneyland but pretty dope. We drive in the park and immediately try to figure out where to go. Mina opens the map and decides on heading to Hidden Valley. I'm a big fan of their ranch dressing so we parked and hit the trail for it. A LOT OF WALKING UPHILL WENT DOWN AND MY BODY WASN'T READY. It's always embarrassing to walk like 4 steps up a a hill then sweat an obscene amount. Anyhizzle, here are some pictures from the valley. 

Once the sun started setting, we quickly realized that we should probably figure out where to go take night photos out. I checked out this arch in the park (LOLOLOL THAT RHYMES OMG I'M A REGULAR OLD DR. FUCKING SEUSS HAHAHA ihatemyself) before we took off and we tried to figure out where in the park it was located at. Well, we found it and the pictures came out so dope. PHOTOGRAPHERS NOTE: Lot of these photos might look a little noisey/grainy and that's because my camera sucks when it comes to low light photography. So I had to make due with what I got. 

Pictures don't do this place justice. If you ever have the chance, go to Joshua Tree on a clear night and soak in the beauty that is space.