Remember This Feeling... / by Ricardo Marquez

Remember this feeling. The one you have right now. 

Happy, sad, hopeful, scared, positive, negative or whatever. Remember this feeling. 

Remember that gasp of air that left your body when you realize Trump was going to pull this through.

Remember that feeling of joy knowing that "Crooked Hillary" doesn't get to run this country. 

Remember the Facebook status's telling Liberals to suck up and not be so sensitive about the results.

Remember the tweets from Latinos, LGBTQ, Muslims, Women and all others who are hurting about the results that just happen.

Remember how you felt when woke up this morning and realized Donald J. Trump was going to be our next President.

Were you excited because you finally sent a message to Washington that you were tired of being over-looked?

Were you petrified because you literally have 0 clue as to what the next four years would happen to this country?

Remember these feelings.

Remember the text you sent to your family saying you were ashamed of being an American.

Remember the response your dad, an immigrant who came to this country and wanted a better life for himself and his future family, said when he told you to not be ashamed but to help overcome what is going on.

Remember all the responses from people who tell you to "accept it and move on"

Remember that there are others that have an entirely different background than you with different set of beliefs, ideologies, morals and thoughts.

Remember that in the end, we're all Americans and need to figure this out together.

Remember the rush of depression that flowed back after being handled for years.

Remember that we can get through this.

It's going to take some time, lot of tongue biting, soul searching and honestly some open dialogue about what is taking place. However you voted, for Trump or Hillary, just know that this entire country is divided right now. Whether you like to hear it or not, this country is hurting. Both sides are angry, upset and lines are being drawn.

So remember this.

Remember how messed up things are at this very second.

Remember that someone across from you whether it be a desk, car, street, grocery line or even a computer screen is feeling different than what you are feeling right now.

Because in 4 years, we're gonna have to remember this moment and decide, did I make the right choice? Was I actually wrong? Is Trump not THAT bad of a President? Was Hillary the better choice? 

The GOP is running this country. In the Senate. In Congress. In The White House

Remember this right now cause in 4-8 years, we're gonna know the results.

Remember this feeling.