The Baseball Show / by Ricardo Marquez

A new baseball season is upon us and that usually is the time that Mina Park and I fail attempt to get The Wonder Bat off the ground.

Just a quick recap, The Wonder Bat is a baseball comedy project that Mina, Danny Farris and I came up with after our stints at the MLB Fan Cave was done. You remember the Fan Cave, right? No? Well, shit this kinda changes things. Anyway, we needed a place to do some baseball sketches (because apparently we thought people wanted that) so we did a few things. Personally, I thought they were hilarious. After about 2 years, here we are. Danny moved to Austin. Mina works for Fox Sports. I do some weird shit for a viral video company. We are all LIVING THE DREAM.

A couple weeks ago, Mina, our friend Stephe and I were hanging out (probably eating pizza) and The Wonder Bat came up. I had this weird idea about doing a baseball news show and we chatted about how that would look like and what we wanted to do. The problem with The Wonder Bat in the past is that we tried to get players/any one of note involved with some sketches and things just never panned out. People got busy and that pretty much killed the dream. The new show had to be one where we didn't rely on players and mostly focused on ourselves. That's when The Baseball Show was born.

So WTF was that. Well, it's an introduction to what is kind of our next nightmare dream. The Baseball Show is if SNL's Weekend Update had weird sex with This Week in Baseball. You remember that, right? Used to show up on Fox Saturday Morning and recap what's going on in the season. It was fun! It was EXCITING. IT WAS BASEBALL. Mina and I will be the anchors of the "newscast" and deliver some terrible jokes you may or may not find funny. Because of that, we want this to be a collaborative effort by the baseball community. If something happens during the week, we want baseball fans to give their two cents on whatever topic happened.

Example. Few weeks back, Matt Harvey showed up on Bravo's Watch What What Happen's Live. Andy Cohen straight up asked Harvey "Who has the biggest penis on the team" (or hung IDK). That's when you would tweet us a joke about Mr. Met being the big dick of the East or whatever. IDK THE JOKES ARE A WORK IN PROGRESS. The hope is we want our friends and other baseball fans to essentially submit their best joke or take on whatever happens in the baseball world. Mina and I plan on writing a bunch of stuff but usually the best material stems from a writing sesh filled with a room of writers. Unfortunately we don't have a team of writers but we do have nerds with a twitter account.

As of now, we're going to test the show and maybe put some behind the scenes stuff until the first episode airs (probably mid-March). If your tweet or joke makes the show, you'll be featured at the end credits and linked in the description of the YT version. We wanna do our best to get people recognize so you can follow their tweets along the baseball season.

That's pretty much it. Don't know what will actually become of the show but we're pretty excited to get this thing off the ground. Really stoked about this and thanks to everyone for giving this thing a shot. It's going to be a pretty awesome show the more people want to contribute to it.