The Baseball Shows First 24 Hours / by Ricardo Marquez

Well, the first episode of The Baseball Show went up and hot damn, we have over 1.2k views on both Facebook and YouTube. May not seem a lot but it's 100x more than we'd ever thought. 

First off, I can't thank you guys enough for all the retweets, shares and feedback on the show. Seriously means a lot to us that you guys have great things to say. AND WE LOVE CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM! It's only gonna make the show better and better. 

As for the show, please do not hesitate to ask how you can help. The Baseball Show is supposed to be a collaboration with the baseball community. If you think we're not funny, don't just sit there and go "OH I CAN MAKE THIS BETTER". Actually do something. That's what we want. We want the most creative people in the baseball world to have a platform where they can bring whatever talent it is whether it's writing, doing weird photoshops, graphic design, being a "correspondent" etc etc. This show is kind of our way of keeping the MLB Fan Cave spirit alive because players/fans and everyone in between actually gave a shit about it. 

Again, thank you for giving a chance on the show and we're hoping to keep this show going all season long. Every retweet, share, like, thumbs up helps out. New episode next week! If you haven't seen the show yet, THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR!