Life Update / by Ricardo Marquez

Apparently I created this site just so I can update it every couple months so WHAT A SOLID INVESTMENT THAT WAS, HUH? Anyway, figure I'd give a quick update since turning 30 cause I actually plan on writing/posting a lot more on this site. If you want the quick bullet points of my life then here you go:

  • Still have a job
  • Still live in Culver City
  • Still watch a lot of baseball
  • Still single
  • Traveled a bit
  • Still taking photos

Alright, so that's the TL;DR portion of my life. Since turning 30, it's actually been quite fun. Didn't really throw a crazy party like I wanted but I feel like I'm doing a lot more in my life than ever before. Partly because life is fleeting and I want to feel like I'm young again. I'm trying to take a little more risk in life whether it be something new like trying to eat eggs or traveling to cities I never thought I would visit. I guess this is the part where I write a quick paragraph on the 4 things I probably get asked all the time. 


So for those who haven't figured out what I do, I run a channel called JukinVideo. Our parent company, Jukin Media, has a library of like 20k+ clips which are all pretty phenomenal. My job is to basically program the channel whether it be through single clips, building themed compilations and hosted shows around UGC (User Generated Content). There's no way in hell I would be able to do this alone so I lead a small team of 3 people who help out which is deemed #TeamFun cause we're trying to be cool or something. I have absolutely no complaints about the job because it's honestly a ton of fun to be at. Where else can you duct tape a co-worker to the wall and live-stream it to 200K+ people? SO WORK IS FINE AND I HAVEN'T BEEN FIRED YES. 

Shanley duct taped to a wall

Shanley duct taped to a wall

Love Life

I can make a huge rant on dating in Los Angeles but that should be for a different post. Biggest news is I deleted all my dating apps and just gonna do things the old school way. Just wrapping up Aziz Ansari's Modern Romance and that book has been hilariously interesting. I was actually part of the NY focus group he writes about in the book and it was pretty funny to hear everyone's thoughts on online dating vs how it used to be back in the day. ANYWAY, still single and trying not to Ted my life up too much. Only a few of you will get that HIMYM reference so ENJOY IT. Also, if you wanna date then let me know. HAHAHAHA I'M KIDDING no seriously please tell me cause I'm bad at that stuff. The plus side to not dating someone is all the money I saved to...


Look at that fucking segue! WHAT A GREAT ONE! The first big trip of the year was going up to Mammoth and MY GAWD IT WAS GORGEOUS. Went up there with a few of my cousins and siblings and man, what a beautiful shithole that place was. If you haven't been, you gotta go then make the detour to Burger Barn. Probably the best burger you'll have in your life.

Second big trip was New Orleans. Never thought I would have even gone but glad my buddy Mike made a mention of it. New Orleans is kind of a weird experience but incredibly fun. Going there, I thought Bourbon St. would be "the thing" that made the city so fun but it was actually extremely depressing. It reminded me of Fremont St's younger little brother who just really wanted to be Fremont which is also depressing BUT FUN TO BE AT! Everything outside of Bourbon St was fantastic. The city is filled with a ton of great food, music and history. Had no clue a fucking pirate would be the coolest historical fact about the city. We also went to this restaurant outside of downtown that was absolutely incredible. The name escapes me and I'm too lazy to google but trust son, it was terrific. Anyway, go to New Orleans and hit up Frenchman Street instead. WAY BETTER VIBES.

Third and final trip so far was VEGAS! Honestly the most random trip I've had there. I was fortunate enough to win a weekend getaway through KOST and iHeartRadio. I won a weekend stay at Caesars Palace and two tickets to see Elton John. ROCKET FUCKING MAN. So Mina and I took off after work about a week ago and drove the 4 hours to Sin City where we held off on the Sin. The following morning, we had some overpriced breakfast and made our way to Fremont St. (Bourbon Streets older brother) and did the zipline, which was incredibly dumb of me for signing up cause of my fear of heights. I found my balls and proceeded to go through with it and it was honestly worth it. Really glad Mina made me face my fears cause I wanna do it again. Once we did our thing there we ate dinner and got dolled up to see Elton John. We were probably way out of our element because 1. We aren't white 2. We were under 60 3. We were way over dressed. BUT HEY, we had some fun and rocked out to Sir Elton then wrapped up the evening. 

Doors to Preservation Hall in NOLA

Doors to Preservation Hall in NOLA


I AM TRYING TO DO MORE OF THIS. We recently bought some Green Screen Studio kit which came with some black and white backgrounds. SO IF YOU NEED SOME HEADSHOTS HOLLER AT ME. Also, if you're in LA and wanna shoot photos or have photos taken of you, please let me know. I need all the practice I can get cause I need to step my game up. Yesterday I went walking around Downtown LA and I'm dying. However, I did get some pretty sweet shots and will be sharing those probably later today or tomorrow. 

Exiting the LA RIver

Exiting the LA RIver


That pretty much does it for the life update. Being 30 has been pretty rad and excited to see what happens next. Now I just need to get my ass to a baseball game.