Here's My Issue With Snapchat / by Ricardo Marquez

Listen, I love Snapchat. I can show off to my friends what I'm doing/eating, see what my friends are doing/eating and allows me to send dick pics I can draw stupid shit like this.

HOWEVER, I got some beefs about Snapchat and I just gotta let the 20 of you who read this piece of shit blog know. I GOT A HAWT TAKE ON SNAPCHAT!


etting a Snap from a friend is VERY EXCITING! When I see that red or purple box sitting in the app, two things run through my head. Who was zoomed in on or what hilarious inside joke am I going to see. Once I get it, I'm like "OH MY GOD THIS WAS SO WORTH THE 5 SECONDS OF MY DAY". Then, the UNTHINKABLE happens. I look at my friend's stories AND I SEE THAT SAME FUCKING SNAP ON THE MY STORY! GUYS, WHAT THE FUCK! STOP DOING THIS! Why are you going to send me a personal snap that is eventually going to show up on your My Story? It's like when movie studios release a 10 second teaser for a teaser trailer that will be released the next day except you're not as cool as Dr. Strange and I'm pissed because I THOUGHT IT WAS OUR INSIDE JOKE BUT I GUESS IT'S NOT. Anyway, knock it off. 

The Dog Filter Is Making Me Feel Weird Inside

I really don't want/need to go on with this one. I just feel weird when I see gals (and dudes) act cute with that dog filter. I DON'T KNOW WHY IT JUST FEELS CREEPY AND I NEED TO SHOWER WHEN I SEE IT. 

I Need More Friends

Please add me or send me Snaps. I'm so lonely...