This New Thrice Album / by Ricardo Marquez

Before I start spulging about the new Thrice album, I should probably explain my fandom for this band. 

I was introduced to Thrice by my cousin Chris when I was a Freshman in High School. It was right when they released singles for Identity Crisis and very few demos of the First Impressions EP were floating around. I also had no facial hair and wore shit like this. 

Needless to say, I was hooked. Through middle school, I got passed the whole Korn/Slipknot KROQ phase and got into punk like Anti-Flag, NoFx and MxPx. When I heard Thrice, I immediately thought "YO WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS AND WHY IS MY BONER SHOWING. OH MY GOD MY ZIPPER IS DOWN OMG". It was a weird time. 

I continued to follow Thrice throughout the years. Seems like however my music style progressed, they were going down the same path. The Illusion of Safety came out, I was starting to discover more post-hardcore bands that suited my pallet. The Artist in the Ambulance released, I was getting more into the lyrics and meaning behind songs. Vheissu came out and instead of getting into classic college type shit like Phish and other jam band type stuff, Thrice seemed like they were experimenting with a wider arrangement of stuff. AND SO ON AND SO ON.

In 2012 they decided to take a little break and live life because shit, they deserved it. That same year, I was in the Fan Cave (RIP) when it was announced and that they would be doing a farewell tour. I unfortunately couldn't go because of obligations to never leaving that place. I WAS THE MOST SAD. Flash forward to now, and FUCK THE BAND IS BACK. Which leads to this new album.

I honestly can never say a bad thing about this band. In my eyes, everything they churn out has been pretty solid. I always see a lot of "THEY SHOULD STICK TO THEIR ROOTS" or "I WISH IT WAS HARDER" and I think people fail to realize that you still go hard AF (AS FUCK) without destroying your vocal chords and going 2984 BPM. Is this album hard? Probably not as heavy as others but it's still pretty heavy. With tracks like Whistleblower and the stunning opening track Hurricane, you got your heavy right there. 

The thing about this album is that it's a pretty solid representation of their entire discography IMO. It's got the pissed off young adult jams from IC. It gets you to think like TAITA and it even has some of the moistness of water from The Alchemy Index (I just wanted to write moist. I have no idea what the fuck I just wrote). This album has everything. 

The past 15+ years of listening to this band, they have been the soundtrack to every life event I've had. Thrice's music has been around through my teenage angst years (dear godddddd) and I'm beyond stoke to have another album out while I figure out what the fuck a 401k is* and why people say "I'm V hungry". JUST SAY VERY HUNGRY IT'S NOT THAT HARD.

*I know what a 401k. It was for the sake of comedy which I don't know.

Also, please get this album. It's very good.