I Get It. Political Talk is F'ing Annoying But You Should Give Shits About It / by Ricardo Marquez

"JESUS CHRIST CAN I GET THROUGH A DAY WITHOUT READING ONE POLITICAL POSTING?!" is what you're probably saying. I GET IT. I was like you. I still kind of am but I'm coming to terms with it. I used to give 0 shits about politics and now I give a lot. 

QUICK CHILDHOOD STORY. Growing up, my brother was like "I wanna be Mayor!". Being me, I responded "THAT IS DUMB. I WANNA BE AN ASTRONAUT/DOCTOR/BASEBALL PLAYER/ DOCTOR". As we got older, I did a bunch of different things to figure out what I wanted to be in life while I watched my brother get incredibly involved with politics. I've been dealing with political speak since I was like 8 and it's never gone away. Which is why I always hated politics. Every time I heard my brother speak about politics, it always came with an argument with someone in the house or a friend that was over. It was annoying and frustrating to deal with. I felt like nothing ever got done and it was just there to rip people apart. Then, it happened.

Couple years ago, my brother won a city council election and was literally on his way to fulfilling that childhood dream of being Mayor. During the next couple years, I would hear all the issues that he would take care of within the community from my parents. When we would go grab food, he'd have some phone call from a citizen and listen to their issue and let them know he'd do his best to help out. HE LITERALLY JUST GAVE PEOPLE HIS NUMBER AND SAID "YO RANDOM STRANGER CALL ME IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS" AND PEOPLE WOULD CALL. Have you ever been to a City Council meeting? Seriously. Go to your local city council meeting and listen to some of those people that complain about things. It's absolutely insane. I would ask my brother "Jorge, these people are insane. Why would you help them." "Because no one else will" 


As Trump was going through the whole election, I would hit my brother up to get his thoughts on everything. And...he called it. He knew that the farther Trump would get into the election, he'd probably win. He knew that people weren't as excited for the election as they were for Obama but he was still out there knocking on doors trying to get votes for Hilary once U.S.S. Bernie set sail. He was out there trying to make a difference while I sat on my fat ass tweeting about how ridiculous Trump was. And as fate would have it, Trump won.

So people should give two shits about what is happening right now. People got complacent and didn't vote or make more of a ruckus about Trump running is the reason why he won. This is why you're seeing a MASSIVE SPIKE in political stuff. What is going on is absolutely nuts. We have a President who is literally lying to this nation with "alternative facts". We have a President whose first major act is to hand a construction job to a Canadian company (PIPELINE BABYYYY). We have a President who is telling Scientist that Politicians who have 0 more experience than them should be fact checking their work. We have a President who says shit like "YOU'RE NOT GONNA FIND SOMEONE WHO CARES MORE ABOUT OUR VETS THAN ME" but does a hiring freeze for VA Hospitals and Federal Jobs for those  who SERVED OUR COUNTRY. Like, give lots of shit about this. This isn't normal. Bush was never like this. AND WE HATED THE GUY but not like this. This is different. This is a guy who is content on setting this world on fire because HE DIDN'T LIKE PEOPLE COMPARING HIS CROWD SIZE TO OBAMA'S OR THE WOMEN'S MARCH. WHO.GIVES.A.SHIT. We need a President with a backbone and not busy watching SNL and ripping on it. 

I get it. The constant tweets and Facebook rants about politics is so god damn annoying (including this) but you gotta understand that if people don't speak out AND ACT ON IT, we're gonna make things worse for the future of this country. I wanna be able to visit the Grand Canyon again and not worry about having to see a giant oil rig drilling into the center of it. So please, give lots of shit about what is happening.