A Fresh Start... / by Ricardo Marquez

Starting a new chapter is generally a pretty exciting thing to do. Whether you're confident in what happens next or a little scared/fearful about the "unknown" of things, it really does send a jolt to your body. That being said, I'm on to a new chapter and boy am I vomiting from fear excited as hell.

As I'm sure you've heard by now, I decided to leave one of the greatest jobs I had over at Jukin Media. For the past three years, they let me do my thing and help build JukinVideo from the ground up as well as give some advice on our other brands. I was able to grow the brand by 10m fans, gain over 7.7B views and host a bunch of ridiculous shows. I am FOREVER grateful for my time there. That being said, I'm ready for the next move.

Think the main question I get asked about leaving tends to be " IS A HOT DOG A SANDWICH WHY WOULD YOU LEAVE A JOB AND NOT HAVE ONE WAITING FOR YOU?!" and to that, I totally get. I usually preach to people to not leave their job or even test the waters just to be on the safe side. However, no one EVER listens to their own advice. When we see a friend in a weird relationship that they should leave immediately, we do everything we can to get them out. But when we're in the same situation, we have on those relationship googles and think "HEY THIS IS ME! I CAN FIX THIS" only to end up with heartbreak and 3 empty pints of Ben and Jerry's. I DIDN'T EAT 3 PINTS CAUSE I WAS HEARTBROKEN I JUST WANTED TO DONATE TO THE AMERICONE DREAM FOUNDATION!!!

So what is my plan? Since my last blog post (way back in January) my life has changed pretty big. I got a new camera. Got a dog (FOLLOW HIS INSTAGRAM I NEED TO BUILD HIS #BRAND). New roommate (HAI MARK). Now, I need a new job.

After announcing that I was gonna be a free agent, I've gotten some incredible response and I'm so fortunate to be in a position to see where I can help another brand or company grow their community and business. While that is going on and decisions are being made, I need to take the opportunity with the free time I have and be as CREATIVE AS POSSIBLE.

So, if you're in the Los Angeles area and wanna hang, here's what I'm looking for: writers, comedians, film-makers, sound peeps, models, actors and ANYONE THAT JUST WANTS TO HAVE FUN! I have a ton of awesome ideas I want to shoot and if you're interested in ANYTHING or even just need some career advice about the digital field whether it's production or social media, PLEASE REACH OUT TO ME! I'm always trying to expand my photography and video portfolio and just want to collab with as many people as possible.

My biggest goal in life is to make sure this world knows that I was on it AND I want to meet as many people as I can. I think the greatest thing about living is knowing who else is on this giant goofy rock we call Earth and hearing their stories.

This week, I'll be re-launching this site and launching my personal channels. Really excited to show you all the projects I'm working and and can't thank you enough for all the support. Love you guys so so so much. Stay weird. Stay posi.