Dear 2017 / by Ricardo Marquez

Dear 2017,

I woke up a little hungover when we first started and remember saying "This is the year I'm cutting back drinking". That didn't happen. 

I motivated myself to lose weight and actually give it a good try to shed a couple pounds. It didn't happen.

I mapped my career out at a place I loved, hoping to launch something new, inventive and bring back the fun. It didn't happen.

I decided to get back out on the dating scene and maybe finally find my partner in crime. It didn't happen.

I thought I would finally make it to Iceland on my 31st birthday. It didn't happen.

I actually thought this would be the year where I ate eggs again. It didn't happen.


But every f-ing year is like this. Things don't happen. Obstacles are always placed in front of us and we have to figure out our way around them. 2017, you were rough on me...but literally every year has shitty moments. But a lot more good outweighed the bad...

Did I become an uncle? That happened

Did I witness my brother fulfill his childhood dream of being Mayor of the city we grew up in? That happened

Did I eat Primanti Bros and knock off some baseball stadiums off my list? That happened

Did I adopt a dog who literally brings me great joy when I see him? That happened

Did I share a bunch of pizza, beers, laughs and good times with family and friends? That happened

Did I just spent the last two months of the year creating things? That happened

Did I finally decide to just risk it all in 2018? That's happening.

2017, you were probably one of the most difficult years I've had. I can easily sit here and complain about what went wrong or how you did me dirty but the truth is...things happen and I'm not about to let me roll into 2018 with a chip on my shoulder. So I'm gonna leave you how we started this year. On my a onesie...most likely drunk. Here's to the new year.