Update! / by Ricardo Marquez

Hey dorks! So it's been like a month and a half since my "funemployment" has started and things have been PRETTY FUN. Learning a lot about myself, figuring out personal projects and kinda seeing what job is a good fit for not only myself but my future employer. GOTTA MAKE SURE BOTH SIDES CLICK. 

Anyway, couple of things I just wanted to toss out there. The first being I'm making a huge push on my photography game. I came out the gates way too quick and after spending some time just living life, "staycationing" and getting back into my passions, photography was always there. I've been shooting for 10 years and just kinda figured "Hey, I'm JUST OK maybe I should do something about it". So currently turned my site more into photography focused and hopefully it looks good whether you check it out on mobile or a desktop. 

Second, I've always had big ideas for a brand and just never had the time to actually commit to it and focus. Now that I have literally all the time in the world, I'm creating a new brand that is not only going to be absolutely fun but it's going to inject some posivibes into your life. I'll go more in-depth in a week or two but I'm just tired of all the negativity and bad news stories we keep hearing and I wanna make content that puts a positive spin on life. That being side, I've gotten some friends to band together to help me get this thing started but I need YOU to help me when we actually launch the thing in a few weeks. We're creating some hilarious shows and gonna invade the digital scene with some positive shit that you are going to vomit over. I'll leave you with a teaser that it's if Camp Snoopy met a digital publisher that was all about having fun. It's gonna be wild. 

That being said, check out the site. Please let me know what you think and if you wanna collab on some stuff before I get back to a 9-6 job, please hit me up! Thanks for always being so rad to me, internet.