Why I Marched Today... / by Ricardo Marquez


It was a chilly winter morning during a trip to Mexico visiting some family for Christmas. I remember hanging in my Grandpa's office looking at some carved stones he had from his ranch and talking with my brother about which uncle was going to be Santa that night and how many potato tacos we were gonna chow on. Christmas in Mexico was always a fun time until one moment changed it.

While in the office, my dad walked in and told us to pack up cause we had to head home. We didn't know what was going on but obviously something wasn't right. Then my mom walked in. I could tell she was crying but was doing her best to hold herself together for us. She let us know that my uncle Jerry had been shot while Christmas shopping with his girlfriend Carol. I remember looking at my brother...both of us just in shock. My mom let us know that Carol was able to make it out thanks to my uncle. However, my uncle Jerry did not. I wouldn't see him again until his funeral.


It seems way more common place that every one of us has a story like this. It sucks. It's defeating. It's heartbreaking seeing my Grandma cry every time we get together because she's missing a son who was taken away from us far too soon. This is why I marched.

I marched because I'm honestly sick and tired of what has been going on with gun legislation. 

I marched for all those kids who were taken away at Sandy Hook.

I marched for the 17 lives taken in Parkland.

I marched for the poor 20 year old who was shot in his backyard for holding a cell phone.

I marched for all the future lives that will be taken because apparently no one can figure out a solution for kids/people to stop getting shot.

I marched because I don't want ALL your guns to be taken away, just the ones that can take multiple lives away in the blink of an eye. 

Here's the thing with gun legislation, it's not working. Every state is completely different with how they regulate guns and it's tragic how easy we can take steps forward but we just don't. We're the only country where this CONSISTENTLY happens to and enough is enough. We gotta do something.



  • Raise purchasing age of guns
  • Ban any military type guns
  • Bump stocks GTFOH
  • Gun registration. If I gotta pay tags on my car, let's get some revenue for you to own a gun. If 2mil guns are registered at $50 a pop each year, that's an extra 100m in revenue that can go into gun violence studies, mental health services and maybe paying teachers a better wage.
  • Mental Health Check
  • Smart Guns - Need to do more research on this but would prevent kids from taking parents guns and accidentally firing it off in a school while showing it to classmates.

Think just the way that this country is built, it's going to be close to impossible in completely solving gun violence but we shouldn't give up on finding solutions to at least preventing as many as we can. I'm just so sick of the tired rhetoric of "WELL IF A CRIMINAL REALLY WANTS TO GET A GUN THEY'RE GONNA FIND A WAY TO GET ONE SO NO POINT IN DOING ANYTHING" that politicians like Marco Rubio keep spouting out. We're better than this. We're better than the NRA. We're better than letting kids go to school wondering if today is the day they're not gonna make it back home. 

And to those who are responsible gun owners, thank you. Thank you for keeping them out of harms way and teaching your kids the importance of not treating it like a toy. Again, I don't think banning all guns is the issue but I think we need to do more to educate EVERYONE about guns and finding solutions that don't involve arming teachers and even having one more gun on campus. 

That is why I marched.