Happy New Year! Oh wait it's March... / by Ricardo Marquez


Well, it's March 9th and no better way to update my site than this late into the new year. WHAT A FUN TIME WE ARE LIVING IN AMIRITE?! Life has been pretty crazy the past couple months and here's a little cliff-notes version on what has gone down:

  • I left Jukin back in October. Yes, a lot of you know but people think I am still there. I am not and miss my family there
  • Decided to just take a breather and figure life out. I've been working non-stop for like 6 years and needed to remind myself who I am and what I AM WORTH so been getting my creative juices flowing
  • Took a consulting gig for Kevin Hart's LOL Network and that was pretty effing hilarious and a lot of fun. Big stuff going on over there and proud to have given my two cents for 3 months 

A few people have been reaching out asking what I'm up to professionally and as of right now, can't really say but I will have a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT on that very soon. I will say that after being in the digital space for 8 years, I'm confident in knowing a few things here and there so I want to try being my own boss for a hot minute and take a chance on that. In the meantime, while I'm putting a lot of my focus into starting that, I also wanted to just hustle and work on some things like my Angels baseball project The Rocks and my photography. I'm in a fortunate position to kind of do what I want for the next couple months (hopefully the rest of my life) so want to use that time to connect back with family, friends and just be creative. This means I'll be launching a personal YouTube channel, probably getting into podcasting, shooting some photos and helping those who don't know where to start or just need a camera guy so you can do your own vlog/projects. 

That being said, this is kind of my call out to the world that if you've ever want to try and get that project off the ground or maybe even just need some new photos for IG, please don't hesitate to reach out and ask for my help! Think we're living in a pretty awesome time in the digital scene that one cool idea could change someone's life and I'd love to help you change yours! Unless you're a big brand and need my assistance then let's talk business. Poppa needs to feed his dog.  Let's end this with some pretty photos and a video I shot of my cousin, Miles Christopher, performing earlier in the year: