Hello and Welcome to The Rocks! 

Before I get into the ridiculousness that this blog will become, I just wanted to say a little about myself and who the fuck I am. My name is Ricardo Marquez...and I suffer from erectile dysfunction. 

I don't have erectile dysfunction but I do have an endless love for the Angels, as I'm sure most of you do. I come from a baseball family and it was a pretty much embedded in my head that baseball would eventually ruin my life and any future relationships I would have. While in my prime aka 9, I played Little League and found my way on to the California Angels. Then I went to my first game and was hooked. Saw Chili Davis and instantly knew "Ok this is my team". 

Fast forward a few years and I got into the comedy business. I did stand up and wrote as much stupid shit my brain could process. Eventually, Eric Denton of LAAngelsInsider found my idiotic rants on Twitter and offered me a position to be the satire columnist. I did it and fell in love with it. Some of you started reading my shit and now we're great friends. 

Then the baseball dream happened and I got a dream job in the now defunct MLB Fan Cave. There, I learned how to photoshop, edit videos and just act like a goober around professional players. I even became friends with some. It was awesome. Once that was done, I spent half a season working in MLB PR and got to learn the business side of the game I love. 

I went from super fan to behind the scenes. Not a lot of people can say they've done that.

Now, I'm back in California working for a pretty amazing company and able to attend Angel Games and figured "Shit, might as well start a blog." 

The Rocks is first and foremost a parody site. This is in no way to be taken seriously nor do I plan to ever take this sport too seriously. Did I get upset and curse the heavens when Fireri would choke every time he was on the mound? GOD DAMN RIGHT I DID! Did I shake my head in disbelief when the Angels signed Joe Blanton? I BURNED MY COUCH! I HAVE NO WHERE TO SIT NOW! But I never let the losses & bad contract decisions destroy my life because in the end, baseball is a game. It's not meant to be taken seriously. Much like this site.

The Rocks is going to feature ridiculous blogs, photoshops, a podcast, fake (and maybe in the future real) interviews, videos and everything in between. If you want real analysis and people talking saber metrics or minor league chat, there are PLENTY of other talented/smarter/mature writers than myself. There are no straight total goofball Angels blog and I plan on pinning down that incredibly tiny market. 

So thanks for giving The Rocks a chance and looking forward to turning this into something special. Hopefully I don't buttercup you all. 

Here's to not getting swept in the playoffs

-Ricardo Marquez